MAGNUS 新加坡大学管理游戏

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MAGNUS stands for Management Game at National University of Singapore (NUS), and it has been used for many years in NUS in the training of Decision Making and Modelling. It is also being used in a number of foreign universities such as Universidad Panamericana Guadalajara in Mexico and University of Antwerp in Belgium.
什么是MAGNUS 新加坡大学管理游戏
A commercial war simulation product used to decode the science of innovative product marketing。

Operating a company in an environment of high simulation and zero risk requires decision-makers to integrate and apply various business knowledge in the face of massive data, quickly form insights and make business decisions within limited resources and time, and maximize market share and cumulative net profit.

There are five necessary stages of consumer acceptance in simulated promotion of new products: awareness, interest, evaluation, trial trial, and purchase and adoption.
Reproduce the major choices that innovators face in practice, such as brand strategy, market positioning, product design, capital operation, and so on.

In the simulation process of enterprise operation and management, participants can experience the barriers of department collaboration and the impact of department wall on the organization, find out the countermeasures to break the barriers, and reach consensus and commitment on the essence of the problem and the solution mechanism.

MAGNUS boasts multi-lingual functionality, allowing users to play the game in several languages. It has already been translated into Dutch, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish, and can be easily translated into any other language.
• Neither corporate universities, training institutions nor Mbas provide managers with a platform to train in general management skills.
• Rapid insight and business decisions to achieve continuous improvement and innovation in all areas of enterprise operation are essential abilities for enterprise managers to gain insight into future development.
• The business environment is changing rapidly and managers should have a high degree of business acumen.
• The existence of department walls seriously affects organizational efficiency and organizational atmosphere, collaborative work, mutual benefit and win-win
• Break down barriers and build corporate culture
• The game is designed to be played between a number of companies (between 2 teams to a maximum of 6 teams per game).
• Analyze Information to make decisions
MAGNUS is a 2 product, 2 market business simulation game. All companies will manufacture and sell a consumer product, which is sold to consumers for direct consumption, and an industrial product, which is a semi-completed product sold to industries on a contract basis. Using the MAGNUS Player, teams will have to analyze the information given to them and make decisions in 3 different areas - Marketing, Production and Finance.
• 提升商业敏锐
• 跨界学习与创新
• 快速学习
• 数据分析与洞察
• 零风险全方位尝试各种战略设想
• 适合对象:企业中高阶主管进修 MBA/EMBA
• 适合人数:线下课堂25-30人
• 标准课程
MAGNUS 在线学习 1天-1周
1)Any time,Any Where 随时随地地展开学习,驾驭自己的企业,学习相关知识。
MAGNUS线下课堂学习 英文授课 2天-3天